Food for fuel

Since returning to proper exercise and training I’ve been mostly eating normally and then on long rides buying bars and energy gels. Which are fine for the energy output but don’t agree with the rest of my digestion system.

So as I have a 80% vegan diet (exceptions are eggs and some meat once a week) I thought there must a natural option. Quick google search and I find this site

With a great recipe for “energy balls” took me 10mins to make, packed 4 into a sandwich bag and took them on my 2 hour run. Had one every 30mins and felt great, good energy levels, tasty, no digestion issues. And for the cost of the ingredients being less than a single rides worth of snacks and gels. Plus there’s so much I should be set for the next 4 weeks long runs and rides!

I replaced the coconut with ground nuts from the fruit and nut selection (because I forgot coconut despite having a list with it on)
In a bowl, mix it and jobs a good in!
The artistic shot!

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