Monday, shop, drop 10k

Interesting run…

I needed to drop something off and pick something up, keen to see how the legs were after the weekend long ride, test out my new shoes and start September with a good run, all good reasons for a run.

The pick up a new running jacket from up and running Headingley Link spotted this jacket on Saturday and so wish I’d had it with me on Sunday for the long ride, light weight breathable, shower proof, just right for the surprise showers and soon to be chilly mornings.

I’m a 44 cheat and the XL fits great 👍

Drop off was at the top of the hill at Tinshill and then back down and home.

I must be getting fitter because I started off running quick for me and even though I was breathing hard it was good to be running, pushed on up the hill, as I got near the top a problem I keep having with my feet happened. Numb foot… like it’s got no nerves in it.

Something to do with the pressure on the blood vessels on top of my foot, loosen the shoes, change socks, it’s a bit better, re-lace the shoes and voila! So much better.

So now I run with shoes like this!

That gap in the laces makes all the difference, and within a minute my feet felt great and I was pushing hard again.

Great run today, really enjoyed it and could have just kept going… but dinner calls!

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