Home made training fuel.

Recipes found, (thanks Google) ingredients bought, kitchen setup and away we go making my own home made training drink with electrolytes, energy balls, recovery shake and granola bars

Recovery Shake

Take half the banana or a small one.

Glugs of, spoons of, dash of the rest of the ingredients, play with whatever works for you consistency wise

Put it in a blender / smoothie maker



Energy Drink – Electrolytes

  • Water
  • Green & Berry tea
  • Calcium magnesium
  • Salt
  • Fruit juice
  • Honey

Boil the tea bags, salts. Calcium, honey, and allow to cool

Strain the liquid into a storage jar/bottle

Add the fruit juice

Lucozade, or Gatorade this is not! Looks weird… murky. But surprisingly it tastes ok.

Will test it out tomorrow.

Bars and balls

The energy balls recipe I’ve previously posted, the granola style energy bars are very easy again.

  • Trail mix
  • Choc chip (dark)
  • Honey
  • Golden syrup
  • Ground up rolled oats

Make as much or as little if this as you want / need, it should be sticky in consistency to bind together after heating.

Make the mixture to you liking the fun thing with this is that you can add any dried fruits, nuts, berries you want to and it always tastes good.

Spread it on a greased tray, foil or grease proof paper prevents it sticking.

Bake at 160-180’c for 25mins, or until the edges start to go brown.

Take out, chop up whilst it’s still warm into shapes or bars of your choice.

Try not to east it all at once! 👍


Electrolytes drink needs less salt! Orange rather pineapple juice may improve that balance of sweet and salty

Update: 2

Definitely less salt… so thirsty now! And stuck with the taste of salt in my mouth. In fact the “swamp water” as my son described it probably wants a total rethink. Maybe more diluted juice with a touch of salt…. will have to try again.

In the mean time… more water!!

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