30day Challenge – 100 Sit-ups every day.


I’m needing another challenge, something to be accountable for every day as well as my running, cycling, gym which is now my new normal πŸ‘

So I saw this on YouTube Eddie Hall sit-up challenge

Dudes a beast! But 30 days… 100 sit-ups… I’m game.

Before shot.

Now… I’ve never done one of these before but here goes, be gentle internet.

Before shot:

Nearly 40 dad bod… it is what it is, eat too much + lockdown, depression, sit on my ass for a living, whatever.. I’m working on it.

But the thing is, to see if 100 sit-ups a day makes any difference. (On top of regular exercise and a healthy mostly vegetarian diet)

Day 1:

Done, with a little “help” from the running buddy.

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