The Curse of “Rest Day” & New Bike Day

I find a proper designated rest day both helpful and frustrating. Taking tile off to let the body recover, is good. But the mental strain of “having a lazy day” isn’t worth it sometimes, because for me it breaks the habit, the routine and then there’s the uphill of starting again.

Doing an hour a day for 30 days was tough but I’d set that goal and was doing it, now I’m training every other day but irregularly and after the 100 mile ride on Sunday deciding to that I should be taking a day off … which kind of slipped into 2 days… and oops now I’m up late and busy all day so no time for training today… makes it 3 days.

Bed times have gotten later, screen time has increased…

So tomorrow must be a training day or that’s 4 and that’s not good.

Think what I’m saying is to find the rhythm, or routine that works for you / me and stick to it. Make it the top of the priority list and don’t sacrifice it.

Watch yourself for your own signs of bad habits or the things that can bring you down. This is me saying to myself. Stop it, get back on the bike, run, lift, swim. Sleep early, eat well and keep going.

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