New gravel bike, 40th birthday present to myself.

Stop start ride getting the bike dialled in, things adjusted and setup but once I did she flew!

Was loads of fun to ride, the flared handle bars are really comfy the tyres take up a lot of the small stones but I was quickly reminded it’s no mountain bike on the Rocky sections.

The 1 x 11 gears are smooth and I’m going to take them for a proper run on the hills tomorrow.

All about the pink jerseys

This is my absolute favourite cycling jersey. It’s really old and I’ve almost worn it to death, but it’s comfy and bright and outrageously pink.

So when I was looking for a cycling club to join for regular rides the nearest and pinkest club was always gonna be a winner.

Enter my new cycling club Albarosa Cycling club

Now I’ve my club ride cherry. Had a great time with my little group of 4 for the ride.

The route took in some beautiful country lanes around Otley and Ilkley Adel and north Leeds,

Some good (hard for me still) climbs and fast descents.

Quick pint at the Stables pub and then home.

I’m running the Alpkit Boson main light at the front and it’s so bright the guys kept thinking a car was approaching.

Lasted the whole ride no issues, should be good for 3-7 hours on the higher settings.

30day Challenge – 100 Sit-ups every day.

I’m needing another challenge, something to be accountable for every day as well as my running, cycling, gym which is now my new normal 👍

So I saw this on YouTube Eddie Hall sit-up challenge

Dudes a beast! But 30 days… 100 sit-ups… I’m game.

Before shot.

Now… I’ve never done one of these before but here goes, be gentle internet.

Before shot:

Nearly 40 dad bod… it is what it is, eat too much + lockdown, depression, sit on my ass for a living, whatever.. I’m working on it.

But the thing is, to see if 100 sit-ups a day makes any difference. (On top of regular exercise and a healthy mostly vegetarian diet)

Day 1:

Done, with a little “help” from the running buddy.

Don’t eat before spinning…. 🤢

The trick with trying to get some exercise in at lunch time as well as lunch is timing it right..

Don’t use the 30min gap in meetings earlier to eat, you’ll just want to throw up on the turbo trainer

Don’t get distracted by the cycling app (zwift trial expired) so spent 5mins trying to work around this… find another app, mess around for 10mins trying to work out the difference between sign in and sign up… yes I know the difference I’m just an idiot.

Do just get on the bike and spin those pedals, even if you don’t feel like it. Because it’s worth it, 22mins is better then 0mins

Muddy legged morning ride

After an easier week it’s time to get the hammer down again.

Mountain bike ride, along the canal it was a beautiful sunrise, the air smelt like autumn, there’s the cool crisp slightly damp feel, but it’s fresh and I can push push push for longer before I start to get too hot.

I love to train in the autumn it’s just so beautiful, in a few weeks time the leaves will change and start to fall and colours will explode.

For now it was a ride out in the dark, lights on, push for 55mins and snack turn around and go back.

I had a rabbit (faster cyclist) to chase for most of the return journey which kept the pace up, then I attacked the last strava segment. I’m 23 seconds off the KOM here but only 10 seconds off the top 10, so next time I won’t go as hard at the bottom and blow up near the top… good fun though.

Morning Dog Jog

The running buddy. I’m sure everyone thinks their dog is the best… but they’re wrong. My Staffordshire Bull Terrier : Sasha is the best.

Yes she destroys tennis balls.. footballs and we’ll anything ball shaped, but she’s excellent at running with me, and hook her up to a bike or scooter and she goes like a train! Loves it!

On road or off road, 2 miles or 12 she’s up for it. It took some time, we had to learn how to run together, on and off lead, it was so worth it.

Love running with my dog.

Happy Friday Y’all

Bike Fit : Strength Training

Legs are still feeling sore after Wednesday gym session so yesterday was a rest day, lots for fruit to eat, drink water like lots of water and stretching every 30-60mins.

You can run and ride all you like but leg day will find you out!

Feeling better today, so back to the gym for the other bike fit (be fit for riding the bike for a long time) session.

Details on Strava from the link.

Today it felt good to lift, not going heavy just mid way weights and plenty of reps.