The staple dinner for intolerance to everything!

This is my experience with intolerances so far.

About a month ago I got the results of an intolerance test and that told me I’m intolerant to the list of goodies.

I know right…

So I’m spent the last four weeks trying to change my diet to remove these items and see what the results are.

The results are…. by the gods I feel better!

Seriously if you think you have IBS or have some intolerances get a hair test done and find out.

By removing these items from my diet I’ve had a huge change in how my gut feels, bloatedness gone, to the point when I’ve eaten I’m now like…

“What’s wrong….. oh I feel fine.. normal… that’s strange…. I like it!”

So if you can get this test, because it’ll inform you about something that will make you feel better 😁

The meal – rice and stuff!

Chop veg… any veg whatever you have red cabbage and aubergine were tasty in mine today.

Add herbs, spices, garlic, chillis (always chillis for me) and fry in a little oil (not coconut 🥥, see the list) and fry for about 10mins in a medium heat. Onions should be soft when it’s all cooked.

Nuke the rice for 2mins, or boil from dried

Mix in together and fry for 5 more mins

Serve and inhale!

This is basically my home dinner every day, yes that’s boring but until I’ve got the intolerance thing under control this will do fine.

I’m giving my body a rest from dealing with things it doesn’t like and it’s been dealing with them for god only know how long so it needs a break.

Anyway rice with stuff! Yum! 👍

Recovery Breakfast

I recently found out I am intolerant to a whole bunch of things which has made me reevaluate my diet.

Some of this list of “eat this and you’ll feel crap 💩” includes

  • Gluten
  • Lactose
  • Pasta
  • Sugar (brown)
  • Sugar (white)
  • Coconut

Bearing in mind I’m 90% vegetarian (meat once a week) this is a crap list of things to be intolerant to…

So it’s gluten free oats, banana, no added sugar crunchy peanut butter, honey and mulled linseed.

And it’s properly delicious, if you’ve never had peanut butter and banana, you’re missing out on a treat. 😋

Lady bower hike.

Had a great hike with friends yesterday. In one of my favourite places in the world to be Derwent and Lady Bower reservoir.

Loved the hiking, was so wanting to run it!

All the training now until the end of October is focused on being ready to bikepack the UK coast to coast ride, but November is going to be all about the running! (Mostly)

The Curse of “Rest Day” & New Bike Day

I find a proper designated rest day both helpful and frustrating. Taking tile off to let the body recover, is good. But the mental strain of “having a lazy day” isn’t worth it sometimes, because for me it breaks the habit, the routine and then there’s the uphill of starting again.

Doing an hour a day for 30 days was tough but I’d set that goal and was doing it, now I’m training every other day but irregularly and after the 100 mile ride on Sunday deciding to that I should be taking a day off … which kind of slipped into 2 days… and oops now I’m up late and busy all day so no time for training today… makes it 3 days.

Bed times have gotten later, screen time has increased…

So tomorrow must be a training day or that’s 4 and that’s not good.

Think what I’m saying is to find the rhythm, or routine that works for you / me and stick to it. Make it the top of the priority list and don’t sacrifice it.

Watch yourself for your own signs of bad habits or the things that can bring you down. This is me saying to myself. Stop it, get back on the bike, run, lift, swim. Sleep early, eat well and keep going.