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The Why….

Morning hill

strava.app.link/T8dqL1200db Was a real struggle to get motivated and get out of the door this morning. But as ever it was good to be cycling. Steady away up the big hill and rail back down. Bit further and bit faster next time and build it back up to getting all the way up the Chevin […]

Good weather, go ride, work later

strava.app.link/gHnPfQNUVdb Looking out or the window whilst working away and I saw it was sunny… step outside it’s warm and dry for the first time in 6 weeks, so punted all the work tasks to later and broke out the Lycra! Got rained on of course…. it’s England after all!


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Hi I’m Rob. Engineer, planner, artist, and wanna be triathlete. This is my my blog about my journey from fat, unfit, clinically depressed to to goal of Ironman finisher

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