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Ilkley moor Koop with some off road fun

strava.app.link/ynE2pAsOEab This picture in no way does justice to the hill up ahead… just straight up, next to biggest cog, out of the saddle until my legs were gonna pop the sit down up one gear and grind it out to the top! Was worth it for the view So I put it to google […]

Sunday half marathon distance.

strava.app.link/mWQQ1z2Juab I’d planned on doing this distance in November, building up a mile at a time each weekend until I was there. But then I woke up today, felt good, strong and my compression tights fit just that bit better than last time… they’ve grown.. or I’ve shrunk? So I went for it. Got the […]


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Hi I’m Rob. Engineer, planner, artist, and wanna be triathlete. This is my my blog about my journey from fat, unfit, clinically depressed to to goal of Ironman finisher

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