30 day sit up challenge….

So set out to do something that seemed simple but for a a bunch of reasons has proved to be quite hard.

Warning ⚠️ excuses below!!

I mentally found it easier to put an hours exercise every day , against a few minutes sit-ups.

The black dogs (depression) been hanging round a bit this past two weeks, which has resulted in lots of art work: see Black Sheep 🐑 Projects but the focus on this challenge has waited

Lock down… again!! Urgh!!

Gonna quit??

So I could quit… it’s only me challenging myself, but that means that quiet voice in my head who’s been saying…. do it later, you’ll have time, do this instead will win!

He also says to slow down, take it easy, drink beers, eat crap, don’t ride today…

Well FCUK him!

220 sit ups a day to get to the 30 day challenge number!

On it!

So I’ve added the first 100 of today’s on to this video and I’ll post every 700 sit-ups

30day Challenge – 100 Sit-ups every day.


I’m needing another challenge, something to be accountable for every day as well as my running, cycling, gym which is now my new normal 👍

So I saw this on YouTube Eddie Hall sit-up challenge

Dudes a beast! But 30 days… 100 sit-ups… I’m game.

Before shot.

Now… I’ve never done one of these before but here goes, be gentle internet.

Before shot:

Nearly 40 dad bod… it is what it is, eat too much + lockdown, depression, sit on my ass for a living, whatever.. I’m working on it.

But the thing is, to see if 100 sit-ups a day makes any difference. (On top of regular exercise and a healthy mostly vegetarian diet)

Day 1:

Done, with a little “help” from the running buddy.