Double workout Mondays

Evening weight lifting session. 10kg single arm and 20kg double arm dumbbells, all set of 15 reps.

Morning: Yoga, stretch bands and body weight workout.

Dumbbells in the max weight 20kg setup

Doing 2 sessions in a day is going to become a regular thing now.

I’ve a cycling /bike packing event at the end of April that I’ve been training for since before Christmas, but due to a knee injury running and cycling have been mostly of the table, so I’ve focused on strength, stabilisation and flexibility.

The strength work isn’t to get big though, I don’t want or need extra bulk for the event, I do need the strength to hold positions for a long time, to pull and push smaller weights (loaded bike) repeatedly for hours. So my workout has been limited to a set of 10kg dumbbells. That’s all I’ve got and home exercise equipment is so expensive at the minute I’m not over paying for something when I can do more reps with what I have to achieve my goals.

So that’s what and why I’m working out

What differences have I noticed over the past 6 weeks of this routine?

Increased strength, muscle definition, movement control, endurance in poses, better sleep, less body fat, maintaining the same weight, happier, confident, focused.

So if you’re wondering about what to do with the equipment you have…. just do it. Lift it, push it, use it, if it’s easy just repeat it until it isn’t.