Testing the knee morning ride.


Today was suppose to be a huge πŸ’― mile ride to celebrate the winter solstice.

Leeds based bikepacking kit company Restrap posted a Strava Century challenge, and being a Strava wan&Β£r I wanted that badge.

But the nasty pain in my knee running on Friday said no! And I’m hiking up a mountain next week so beat not push it.

So a nice cold ride up and down the Chevin (big-ish) hill in North Leeds was a reasonable substitute.

No knee pain to speak of so it’s an impact issue rather than a movement & pressure issue I think.

Cycling it is until the Christmas get away.

Ilkley moor Koop with some off road fun


This picture in no way does justice to the hill up ahead… just straight up, next to biggest cog, out of the saddle until my legs were gonna pop the sit down up one gear and grind it out to the top!

Was worth it for the view

So I put it to google that it needs cycling type option… cause I’m riding a road bike and this is getting more off road!

And more off-road…. I may have brought the wrong bike?

But what an amazing find, a little wood on a road ride, was so quiet there

And then the paths stopped and it was a muddy boggy line across a field… on a road bike… with skinny tyres…

But I did it! Cleaned it, no walking or even a dab! Thank the gods because my white road shoes! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Great ride, bit of adventure. Loved it!

Fully loaded 50km


Same route as 3 days ago, but a world of difference, it was cold but dry and bright,

The gravel bike fully loaded feels great until your into the wind then i really noticed the loss of aerodynamics but after an hour it just felt normal.

This is training for coast to coast ride later in October, so gonna be riding a loaded bike for the next few weeks.

But today… I just didn’t want to stop, I could have kept riding all day.

Gravel bike on the road.. up the hill.


The stiffer carbon frame really makes a difference to how this bike pulls up hill.

I was able to get some good time out of the saddle…. I’m no Alberto Contador but had some good hills attacks… against my self.

But the bike has a rattle… something around the headset… very annoying, and stopping to take lights off and adjust things kind of added time but overall gravel bike on the road. Awesome!