Run swim run

The run to the gym felt good this morning, stretching the legs out and enjoying the scenery. I live in a lovely part of Leeds with an ancient abbey, canals, woods, it’s all very green and lovely at the moment.

Got to the gym and had to do lengths of the car park to make it up to 5km so I picked my knees up and was hitting a high pace for the last 800m in 100m sprints.

Fastest time on this garmin so yey! I think my PB for a 5k is 28mins but that was like 10 years + ago and I didn’t get to social media post it so who know, let’s go with the current data and that says today’s was quick for me.

Swim was harder work as I did the session without the float between the legs, mostly because it won’t fit in the Camelbak Mule backpack… and I need to crack the arms and legs at the same time at some point so why not now… and I did, for like 4 maybe 5 lengths in the middle of the session it all worked, smooth, felt fast, wasn’t gasping for air. So now I know what I’m after, that smooth, slow, fast feeling.

Run back along the canal was harder than the run in but again there was a few minutes in there when it felt so smooth and easy, in the running zone and just moving.