Sunday half marathon distance.

I’d planned on doing this distance in November, building up a mile at a time each weekend until I was there.

But then I woke up today, felt good, strong and my compression tights fit just that bit better than last time… they’ve grown.. or I’ve shrunk?

So I went for it. Got the dog ready, yup she ran the whole way with me, she set a great pace for most of it.

Ate my energy balls every 30mins and tried my best to drink the 2 litres of water in my camelbak, didn’t quite finish it.

Beautiful weather, not too cold, and I was totally comfortable in my gear until mile 9 I think then the T-shirt I had on was rubbing against the base layers on my nipples.😱

The base layer is more comfortable on its own than the T-shirt so off it went… it was that or end up bleeding from the nipples… which isn’t a good look.

I must have looked “interesting” tights, vest base layer, arm warmers, hat, backpack and dog… but I was comfy and that’s all I cared about, we had some quick segments and got to say “Hello” to hundreds of people enjoying the canal this morning.

In the age of masks 😷 smiling and saying hi to people should be enjoyed.

Anyway, the last few miles were properly tough, pain in my hip flexor meant I had to stop to stretch every 5 mins or so and then the last few hundred meters after I’d hit the distance…. running on empty, even I’m the dog wasn’t gonna help me then.

This afternoon, I’ve bathed, stretched, eat and slept and feeling good. Next long run… 15miles? Or 25km?

Morning Dog Jog

The running buddy. I’m sure everyone thinks their dog is the best… but they’re wrong. My Staffordshire Bull Terrier : Sasha is the best.

Yes she destroys tennis balls.. footballs and we’ll anything ball shaped, but she’s excellent at running with me, and hook her up to a bike or scooter and she goes like a train! Loves it!

On road or off road, 2 miles or 12 she’s up for it. It took some time, we had to learn how to run together, on and off lead, it was so worth it.

Love running with my dog.

Happy Friday Y’all