The staple dinner for intolerance to everything!

This is my experience with intolerances so far.

About a month ago I got the results of an intolerance test and that told me I’m intolerant to the list of goodies.

I know right…

So I’m spent the last four weeks trying to change my diet to remove these items and see what the results are.

The results are…. by the gods I feel better!

Seriously if you think you have IBS or have some intolerances get a hair test done and find out.

By removing these items from my diet I’ve had a huge change in how my gut feels, bloatedness gone, to the point when I’ve eaten I’m now like…

“What’s wrong….. oh I feel fine.. normal… that’s strange…. I like it!”

So if you can get this test, because it’ll inform you about something that will make you feel better 😁

The meal – rice and stuff!

Chop veg… any veg whatever you have red cabbage and aubergine were tasty in mine today.

Add herbs, spices, garlic, chillis (always chillis for me) and fry in a little oil (not coconut 🥥, see the list) and fry for about 10mins in a medium heat. Onions should be soft when it’s all cooked.

Nuke the rice for 2mins, or boil from dried

Mix in together and fry for 5 more mins

Serve and inhale!

This is basically my home dinner every day, yes that’s boring but until I’ve got the intolerance thing under control this will do fine.

I’m giving my body a rest from dealing with things it doesn’t like and it’s been dealing with them for god only know how long so it needs a break.

Anyway rice with stuff! Yum! 👍

Home made or industry made?

After a long ride, during and before for that matter nutrition (fuel) is as we all know important, the body can do so much for so long on what’s available but for endurance, multi hour exercise then you’ve got to feed the beast.

Off the shelf

So I’ve been back training hard for 2 months now and for the long runs and rides I take water, and energy gels, they are easy to carry and swallow and give me a good boost for 20+mins about 10mins after taking one.

But I’ve read the ingredients list and don’t know what half of it is! So the 80% vegan in me says don’t be eating that! Get something natural. Which is where the recipe for the energy balls came from: see post

Now I know theirs needs to last on shelves for ages so preservatives are a must there, but mine don’t, mine need to last in the fridge for maybe 5-7days.

I know how the branded stuff works for me when I take it, regularly taking protein following gym sessions. But I found the energy balls just as good (if not better) on a long run and ride.


Can I swap out the industry stuff for natural stuff and does that affect me? Is it better or worse? Cost more or less?

The plan

1. Get some recipes

2. Go shopping

3. Get prepared (making and baking)

4. Give it a try

5. Blog the results

Will keep posting on the progress. Oh and a 80% vegan what I call myself as I eat eggs daily and fish once a week. It’s just my diet.