50mins of getting a sweat on!


Yup, really starting to like this Zwift thing, I’m probably very late to the party but it’s a great distraction to pass the time on the turbo trainer, and understanding more about the power output, watts per kg etc.

Today I discovered there are workouts… at the end of the meandering around the new York route… so next time. Also how best to get up the hills on the game, when I don’t age a smart trainer to adjust the resistance, basically just go for it max power and speed and your little avatars does the same… it’s cool!

Legs feel pretty good, the only annoying thing is the power output is limited to 400w… need to find out why,

Zwift lunch break


I may have found the antidote for sitting on my ass working all day, my watch beeps at me and tells me to move, but I’m working and on “teams” calls and stuff so that’s not always possible, but what is possible is to schedule an hours lunch break.

Now I’ve got my road bike setup on the turbo trainer for this, cycling clothes ready laid out and with a 5min allowance for “faffing” I was hanging up the call, changed and on the bike pedalling in 10mins! Enjoyed this 30min spin with high watt intervals. Then back in the house, showered, grab some food and back online for the next meeting. The whole thing done with an hour.

Felt much more awake this afternoon too! Gonna try this for the rest of the week and see how I get on.


Testing out my zwift setup, 30m in the garage sweat fest.

Things I learnt:

I need a cadence sensor because the numbers on the screen don’t match my output which just messes with my data loving mind.

Headphones and tunes are a must.

iPad stand would be nice

Use a fan, because even in a cold garage it’s a sweat fest.

And virtual or real that next person down the road just has to be caught!